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Shoot Advice

So, you’ve had your brand shoot, or more importantly, you’re thinking about having a brand shoot and want to get planning about where best to your your brand images…  After all, you want to get the most out of them and have them work really hard for your business and market you to those perfect clients out there.

Which is why I’m sharing my top 10 places to use your fabulous brand photos for your maximum exposure and brand consistency…  This is regarding photos of you / your team / your hands – basically anything with a human in, rather than your product or stock based images (be that purchased from a stock image store or bespoke as part of your shoot, I’ll talk about where to use stock photography another time).


Your Website Home Page

When you clients land on your home page, they want to instantly connect with you, get to know you and start building that relationship.  The best way to do this is for them to put a face to the name and brand, by seeing you looking straight at them – eye contact right from the off!  Sounds daunting I know, but you’re a personal brand, connecting on a personal level to your ideal client.  They want to know you care about them, that you understand their needs and that you are going to be the solution to whatever problem they’re wanting solved (after all, we are all solving some need, problem or desire).


About Page

This one should be an obvious one, but I do still come across About Pages that don’t have an image of the person (or people if it’s a team) that the About Page is, well, about!  Don’t miss this opportunity to let your potential clients get to know you.  And if you have a team, then let’s make sure that they are being shown off too.  Here you can use a mixture of looking to the camera portraits to connect, and more relaxed lifestyle images of you, letting them get to know you and have an insight into who you are.


Services Page

Your potential clients will go straight to this page, they want to know how to work with you and what that entails.  So this is a great spot for images of you doing your thing – in work mode and behind the scenes.  Give them a sneak peek into what it would be like to work with you, the process, and if possible, the transformation you will make to their life.


where to use your brand images, portraits of business owners by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Contact Page

Again, much like the home page, this is a great opportunity to remind them who you are and that you’re excited to potentially work with them.  Contact pages are often lacking personality and just contain a contact form, jazz it up with a fabulous image of you, the very person they will be contacting to start that relationship.


Social Media

Your brand photos should be all over social media – from your profile pictures being consistent across different platforms, to header images and general posts about what you’re up to.  Think about posting your face or you doing something every week, trust me, the photos of you will be the ones that get the most engagement!  Your audience want to see you and get to know you!  Don’t leave them hanging


PR Coverage

Now, whilst there are still publications that will send a photographer out to your home to take photos for a story, this is not always the case.  You want to make sure that you and your business are PR ready, not just with your story / opinion piece, but with high quality images of you so that when you respond to a pitch you are handing a perfectly formed package over to the journalist, making their job easier (they’ll love you for it) and giving you an advantage over many of the other respondents who may have sent a phone selfie as their “brand image”.


Brochures and Lookbooks

Whether they are physically printed or in pdf form, much like your services page and about page, you need to show the person looking through this document who you are.  A simple introduction and welcome at the beginning can make the reader feel like you’re talking to them personally.


lifestyle brand portraits by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories



This is where you’re a guest speaker or writer for another business or event, or even if you’re writing your own book.  People want to know who’s behind what they are reading or listening to.   This also includes if you host your own podcast, you’ll need an image for that too!


Email marketing

Have an email list that you regularly keep in touch with (or not very regularly, like me – something I need to get better at!) then again you’ll want to help them put a face to the person emailing them.  You’re popping into their inbox every week, they may hear from you more than they do some of their own family – let them see who you are!


Email Signature

This is a great way to add a personable touch to emails, seeing your face (or your team members’) at the bottom of the email – especially as email can feel so cold sometimes – or is that just me remembering my corporate days?!


Basically, wherever you are in contact with your clients or potential clients online or in print, you want to be using your brand images, your face needs to be on all those touch points!


Until next time,

Amanda x


brand portraits of business owners by London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories

August 3, 2021