It's no secret to those around me that I love running a business as much as I love being behind the camera.  But I know this isn't the case for all photographers.

I get it, you became a photographer because you love the creativity, the buzz of the shoot - it's what ignites our passion. 

I feel that same buzz from all the behind the scenes business things, and I want you to experience that too; to have that passion for the business and not just on the days you have your camera in hand. 

So, after nearly a decade of being in business I want to share what I've learnt, the tips, tricks and tools I've implemented in my business with you.

It's time for you grow YOUR photography business to achieve the success I KNOW it can!

Whether you want to talk about marketing your business, understand how you can be more time efficient or if you want someone to look over your business and help you with whatever those next steps are, I'm here to help...

Love the business as much as the shoot!

Love the business as much as the shoot!


Where do I start with Amanda and how much she has helped me? Her insight and ideas have been invaluable as I've started a new chapter in my photography career. One of the best things about talking with an expert in their field is the help with things you haven't thought about yet. The way she would bring up little points in working with and educating potential clients, how to approach different aspects of a shoot, how to align my brand with the client's brand. She really gave me so much insight on how to really start this new adventure, and real actionable steps (that I am so grateful to have and be able to refer back to) and I really feel so much more confident with what I want to do. I am so thankful for everything she has shared with me! 


Having Amanda's eyes on my business was an absolute game-changer.  Not only is she a brilliant photographer and mentor but she's also a creative and strategic thinker who puts as much passion and energy into you and your business as she does her own.

Before working with Amanda my confidence was low and I felt drained by my business.  Not any more!  Amanda helped me to get unstuck and I'm so excited to implement what we worked on together.


I struggled to gather all thoughts and ideas and put a real plan in place, not just for business but for me, my relationships and my development.  Amanda helped me to plan across all areas of life, but also to think more strategically independently and working out HOW to achieve it.  The financial document of dreams, time blocking template and other bits you've kindly shared have really helped me behind the scenes.  Amanda has helped me realise I actually can do the business side of things, I just sometimes need a little push, helping hand and accountability buddy to help me get those ideas to the forefront and implement them.

3 month mentoring

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3-month mentoring

This is where you get my eyes focussed on your business for 3 months. We will have a kick off call to plan our time together and set our priorities.  Then, following that we will have 6x 60 minute bi-weekly calls. After each call I'll send you a follow up email with any homework/links to resources we've talked about so that you can work on our actions in that time.

You will also have WhatsApp access to me Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (please allow 1 working day for responses, as I won't be able to answer while on shoots). During this time you'll have access to any resources and templates I use in my business where needed. The full inside scoop!

Complete the application form to see if we are a good fit and that I can genuinely support you in your business

Investment: £1,997 or 3 monthly payments of £670

The Power Session

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The Power Session

A 90 minute call where we can focus on the most pressing area in your photography business - from shoot planning, messaging, marketing, packages/pricing, workflows, client service - you name it, we can work through a topic of your choice.

There will be a questionnaire to complete before our call so that I can come prepared for your chosen topic area.

Investment: £397

Shadow a Shoot

Shadow a Shoot

Want to see how I work on a shoot and bring out the best in my clients? You can upgrade your mentoring to shadow on a brand shoot with a real client to see how I manage my client's and coordinate the shoot, along with seeing how I light, pose and set my scenes.

These are exclusive to those who I am mentoring and are subject to the ok from my clients (some are very camera shy and so adding in another person would add to their shyness)

Bonus add on: £150

The Template Shop

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The Template Shop

From Canva ready shoot plans and timelines to client questionnaires, blogging templates and even a lawyer written and signed off contract, I am opening up the tools and guides I use in my business to help you in yours

My biggest leaps in business have been from learning from those who are at the level I want to be.

We weren't meant to do this alone, so whether you're fresh into your business or looking to grow in 2024, I'm here to help.

If you're not sure which option works best for you, then get in touch - I'm always on my IG DMS so drop me a note there or send me an email - and if we need to hop on a call we can arrange that :) 

Not sure?

the process — 


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Prior to our time together there will be either an application form (the 3 month mentoring) or a questionnaire (Power Session) so that I can check I can absolutely help in your business. 

Let's get to know each other!



on to the next

If you've chosen to work with me for  3 months we will have a kick off call to plan out how we will spend that time before we get into our fortnightly calls.

If you've booked a Power Session, then on our call we will dive into the area of the business you most need my support on

The call(s)



on to the next

After our call(s) I'll send through a summary of what we have discussed, the next steps you need to take in your business and any tools I think will help - if you've booked onto the 3 month mentoring you get access to all the tools and documents I use in my business, as well as WhatsApp access during working hours.

The follow up....