Brand shoot hair and makeup – do I need it for my brand shoot?

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Do I need a brand shoot hair and makeup artist? This is a question I get asked a lot!


I am fortunate to work with an incredible brand shoot hair and makeup artist with a lot of my clients – the fabulous Pipa Cross and I know that the clients that work with her are never disappointed, they look and feel amazing whilst still remaining true to themselves.


You see, brand photography is about showing who you are, and so having your hair and makeup done can feel false or there may be worries that you won’t look like you.  But when you’re having your photo taken, sometimes your lips and eye lashes can get a little washed out in the process (especially if using artificial light on those gloomy days) – a fabulous brand shoot makeup artist will ensure that you are camera ready as well as still feel like you.


Now, what if you don’t normally wear makeup?  This is also something that I hear from time to time, and it’s a very valid question.  And I’m certainly not going to suggest you cake it on (and a fabulous makeup artist, like Pipa and many others I’ve worked with over the years won’t do this) but a bit of powder to stop any shine on camera, a swish of mascara to frame your eyes ready for those “looking into the camera” and a hint of colour on the lips to stop them looking washed out makes a HUGE difference in the images.


brand shoot hair and makeup artist Pipa working with Nicki James on a shoot. Image by London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories


Yes, a brand shoot hair and makeup artist is something additional to invest in, but it’s exactly that, an investment.  You want to look the best version of you in these photos, these are the images that your potential clients will engage with, and you want these brand images to work hard for you and for you to love posting them.  And I do truly believe, even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, or any makeup at all normally, having that little helping hand for your shoot is a game changer!


For those that want to do their own brand shoot hair and makeup, well, for those that book any of my Lifestyle Brand Shoots, Half Day Brand Shoots or onto the Seasonal Edit, Pipa has created a hair and makeup guide to help you along the way with looks and her industry tips and tricks!


Until next time,

Amanda x

August 10, 2021