What to do with your brand photos

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I had a shoot recently where she knew she needed images for her business but didn’t really know how or where to use them once she got them, so this post is for you Hun and for any one else out there who wants to know how to make those photos work REALLY hard for you and your business!


So first things first, you are going to want to download them and get them organised…  Ideally have them saved in a couple of places so you have a back up, having them in Google Drive is a good idea as then they’re accessible on the go and easily shared with your team if you have one.  


Then add the images into folders of what you’re doing in the photos – and a single image can go in more than one folder.  For instance, this is how I’ve organised my photos:


  • Me with phone
  • Me with camera
  • Me with laptop
  • Me relax/at home
  • Portraits of me looking at camera
  • Portraits of me looking away from the camera
  • Family images
  • Images with negative space to the side


Why have I done this?  So that when I need to find an image quickly, rather than scrolling through hundreds of images that I’ve had taken over the years, I can find the one I want easily.



And then what do you do with your photos?  Well, if your shoot was for a specific launch or project then this one is easy, as those scenes will have been created in your shoot for that specific reason.  However, if this was your first shoot or a rebrand then read on for some ideas….


  • Update your social media profile photos
  • Go through your website design and update or add photos of you to these pages – home, about you, services, contact – as an absolute minimum
  • If you have a press or speaker pack update the images there – if you don’t have one but know that in the future you want to go for PR or speaking opportunities then put some photos to one side for this
  • Look at your marketing plan and assign photos from your shoot to posts you’re going to share or at the very least the themes you’re going to talk about
  • If you run courses or workshops then update the image in any presentations or workbooks to show who you are
  • If you host a podcast then refresh the image you have on your episode page(s)


Hope that helps and remember, your brand photographer will help plan your shoot around what you need, so if you’re unsure of where to start, then if you’ve not downloaded my Ultimate Guide To The Images Your Need In Your Business then that will help!


November 29, 2023