A UK Podcast for Brand Photographers – The Brand Photographer’s Lounge


A few months ago I was having one of my middle of the night busy brain sessions – basically, Jack makes a noise through the monitor in his sleep and from then I’m awake for the next 2 hours.  It’s often when I have business ideas and I put them to one side for a more “normal” time to work through.  However, on this occasion I felt I had to act on it – so over the next couple of hours I mapped out The Brand Photographer’s Lounge – The Podcast!


And it launches today!!! 🎙️


So what is it?!  It’s a podcast for brand photographers and we’ll explore the world of brand photography, from crafting marketing strategies to using AI in your editing to building a business doing what you love.


But I don’t just want to talk AT you.  So I’ve got some awesome guests, people I’ve worked with and know personally are experts in their fields  but I also want to create a space for conversation and community! 


This first episode is a short one – I’m not one for waffle and this is just a welcome episode to set the scene!  I’ll be dropping a new episode every fortnight and I’m really excited for the topics I’ve got coming up.  But, as we kick off, I want to hear from YOU!


📣 What topics do you want us to cover?

📣 What questions do you have about brand photography?

📣 What challenges are you facing in your business?


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out – your input matters.  Your questions and experiences will help shape the direction of this podcast and ensure we’re delivering the most valuable content possible.


Share your suggestions, questions, and topic ideas over on Instagram and let me know what you want to know about Brand Photography!


And of course – don’t forget to tune in to the first episode, available now on your favourite Podcast platform… 🎧 (which at the time of writing this the night before launch, it’s still pending on Apple Podcasts!) All the episodes will be listed here 

May 7, 2024