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How great is it that the sun is starting to shine again!  It felt like a long winter and I’m excited to be back hosting outdoor brand shoots this month 🙂


Anyway, I wanted to come and talk about how even though I’m always chatting to clients and business owners, it can sometimes feel a bit lonely as a photographer which was why I set up the Brand Photographer’s Lounge…. I was reminded of this recently when I went to a wedding supplier meetup (yes I know, I’m not shooting weddings anymore!) and I got to catch up with lots of old friends and colleagues, including photographers and I realised how much I missed being around other supportive photographers in my niche that just get it!


The Brand Photographer’s Lounge is a space where I want to foster that sense of community amongst brand photographers.  You hear the phrase “community over competition” and it’s important to keep this in mind, especially if things are a little slow in business.  There are millions of business owners out there that need brand photos and a considerably fewer number of brand photographers to service them.


The facebook header image for the Brand Photographer's Lounge facebook group. on the left is an image of founder Amanda from AKP Branding Stories wearing a white blazer, beige top and hat and holding her camera, she's smiling at the camera. To the right are the words "The Brand Photographer's Lounge - A supportive community for brand photographers with Amanda Hutchinson AKP Branding Stories"


So this is what I’m aiming for with the Brand Photographer’s Lounge:


A community that inspires and supports each other

Photography, especially brand photography, is more than just a skill; it’s an art form that requires continuous learning, inspiration, and community support. That’s exactly what our Facebook group aims to provide. Here, you’ll find a warm, inclusive community where you can:

  • Ask Questions and Seek Advice: Stuck on a technical challenge? Looking for feedback on your portfolio? Our community is here to offer constructive advice and share their experiences.
  • Share and Bounce Ideas: Collaboration is the key to creativity. Share your ideas and get feedback from peers who understand your vision and the unique challenges of brand photography.
  • Learn Business Strategies:** As a photographer, your art is your business. Get insights into effective business strategies specifically tailored for brand photographers.


A place to grow together

This group isn’t just about individual growth; it’s about growing together. By joining, you’ll be part of a movement of photographers committed to excellence in brand photography. We celebrate each other’s successes and support one another through challenges.  It goes beyond the regular check in posts and celebratory posts but monthly catch ups on zoom (and, coming soon, in person meetups)


Support from someone who’s been there!?

So who am I to bring this community together, well, if you can’t find a table to sit at, you build it yourself!  But also, as the founder of this group, I bring my experience as a professional brand photographer and a business mentor. I’m passionate about helping photographers not only master their craft but also excel in the business aspect of photography.  Over the past decade of being a brand photographer, there’s a lot of scenarios I’ve been in and business shifts I’ve experienced, and I want to share that with you.  Your journey in brand photography is unique, and this group is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, our community offers a wealth of resources, support, and inspiration. Join this free community today and be a part of this amazing community of brand photographers.


Ready to dive in? Click here to join the Facebook group and start connecting with fellow brand photography professionals.

April 1, 2024