Top tips on what to wear to your brand shoot {Guest Post: Lisa Talbot}

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Today’s guest post is by my fabulous client Lisa Talbot, a stylist who has the most incredible wardrobe and has helped so many women regain their confidence in their wardrobe, be that for work, fun or their brand shoot.  “What do I wear?” is probably the most asked question I get during the shoot planning phase of our time together, so I’m bringing you an expert today in Lisa, where she’s sharing her top tips on what to wear for your brand shoot….


Lisa Talbot, stylist is standing in front of a red brick building. She is a wearing a patterned dress. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Have you booked your Brand Photoshoot & are now wondering what to wear?  Research shows that it takes approximately 7 seconds for others to make an impression of you.  By creating your personal branding and having a wardrobe that reflects you, your role or your business will ensure that first impression counts.


Your personal brand is a visual representation of who you are – not just what you do, for your audiences, it sets you apart from thousands of others & instantly builds trust with clients and colleagues alike.  Let’s make your Personal branding memorable.  Once you have confidence in your style this will give you the confidence to grow in your business.


I want to empower, inspire and educate women to reach their potential, how to embrace the uniqueness of who they are, present their best self, show up, and be the best they can be.


So, take time, have a think, does your image represent your brand?


Your outfit is self expression. It says something about you to those around you. Use your clothes and style to build your personal brand. Use your style as a tool to stand out and be noticed and to reinforce yourself as a woman in business.  It’s so important that what you wear for your brand shoot makes you feel great & gives you confidence, it will come out in your images.


Stylist choosing outfits in a department store to help a client with what to wear on their brand shoot. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Here are my top tips:


  • Outfits can compliment the location of your shoot
  • Think of the lighting, fabrics react to light in different ways
  • Wear colours that suit your skin tone
  • Do not wear your brand colours, you want to stand out
  • Identify a number of outfits, you’ll get a range of images
  • Think of the lighting, how the fabrics will look
  • How does each item sit on your body, does it cling, float?
  • Choose colours & textures to attract your ideal client
  • Your outfits needs to install trust, knowledge, open & friendliness for your clients
  • You must feel confident & love what you’re wearing, your photos will pick up on this


Brand styling allows what you wear to represent you & your brand Let me leave you with a question, What does your style say about your brand?


If you’d like my help with creating outfits for your brand photoshoot please book a call.



Lisa x

07887 802700

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Lisa Talbot, stylist is sitting on some chequered steps in front of a red brick building. She is a wearing a patterned dress. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories

September 13, 2023