Hampstead Heath Brand Shoot With The Authentic Therapist

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You know how sometimes you start talking to someone on social media and you just get on like a house on fire – you share the same values and could spend hours talking to each other?  Well that’s exactly what it felt like getting to know Geri and then subsequently planning her brand shoot.  We wanted a mix of nature and a town vibe rather than a city vibe and as Geri had booked my Lifestyle Brand Shoot which is 90 minutes in London, I knew instantly that Hampstead Heath and Village was exactly where we needed to be – cute coffee shops, gorgeous tree lined streets and then the lakes and open calm of Hampstead Heath.


And just as I expected, when we met in person it was no different to our conversations on zoom and on socials, we just chatted and chatted all whilst still taking photos!  I cannot wait for you to get to know her more:


What first got you into your field?

Following a long struggle with fertility and some life-changing challenges, I was finally blessed as a second-time mum at age 40, I had a deep desire to find my purpose and live my life on my terms!


What’s your favourite thing about the work that you do?

So many things! I love watching people as they learn new things about themselves and start to understand what has shaped their lives so they can choose what to take forward. I love sharing my academic knowledge and hopefully making a positive impact all around 🙂


What is a “reality” of your work that other people don’t realise?

The training and ongoing learning, I have just finished my Msc, as a Psychotherapist I am also bound by an ethical framework, this means I have a duty of care (which is great) to look after myself so I can be the best version of myself. I attend personal therapy as well as peer supervision which ensures the well-being of myself and my clients.


Geri from the Authentic Therapist in her Hampstead Heath Brand Shoot, Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


“I was worried about what I would look like posing in public! But I liked how it felt really natural, like walking round the city with a friend. I would say you are talented, professional and really know your stuff, I felt completely in safe hands, I have had a lot of comments about the photos, they always get the most engagement too on social media, they are helping with my new website as the image are really professional.”


Geri from the Authentic Therapist in her Hampstead Heath Brand Shoot, Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


What is the best piece of advise you’ve ever been given (can be on anything)?

To be unapologetically myself it is simple I know but seriously being authentic is the happiest place to be, removing those masks and embracing who we are brings pure joy!


What’s your cocktail/mocktail of choice?

Long island ice tea and Cosmo!


You can find Geri on Instagram or book a call with her


Hampstead Heath brand shoot with Geri from the Authentic Therapist. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories

August 25, 2023