The images you need for your launch

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Following Charlotte’s blog post on launching in 2023, I’m really excited to be sharing my advice on the images you need for your launch (whatever that launch is). The right photography can really up-level your brand and is so key in helping you be more visible in your business.

In the fast-paced online world we live in, we need so many photos to satisfy the image-hungry beast that is social media! So take these tips and start showing your potential clients who you are and why they should work with you.

A Great “Headshot”

This is the photo that most business owners don’t like showing, but trust me when I tell you that the photos of you will likely get the most engagement.

And the reason why… People buy from people and your clients want to get to know you.  So make sure you have images looking at the camera and engaging with the viewer – it shows you are interested in them.

But it goes further than that, a really great headshot of you looking at the camera helps for getting PR and features as publications want a good quality image of the person they are writing about.

These images are also great for the “About” section on your Opt-In and website, your sales page, your contact page, and Social Media profile pictures (including your Facebook group profile picture)


The images you need for your launch by AKP Branding Stories.


Negative Space in Photos

Negative space in an image is where you are positioned off to one side of the image so that you can then add text or a graphic overlayed in Canva (or whatever you’re using for asset creation).

These can be really useful for Facebook group headers, email headers, website banners, YouTube covers

Don’t forget though that negative space can also be above- Ideal for those Instagram reels or TikTok covers.

Bonus tip: Try and keep the space that you’re using as negative space distraction free (it doesn’t have to be a blank wall though!)


The images you need for your launch: Using Negative Space in your photos.


Behind the Scenes

Your clients love to see what happens behind the scenes – it shows your skill and expertise as well as tells the story of who you are and what you stand for.  Tell the story of your business by sharing behind-the-scenes and work in progress

These images can also be used to create engagement – asking questions, creating polls, sharing opinions, etc

It’s also a great way to build suspense if you have an exciting project coming up, taking your audience on a journey up to the final launch day

The best thing… these photos don’t have to have your face in if you are camera shy!


The images you need for your launch: Behind-the-scenes by AKP Branding Stories.


Stock Images

These are styled images relating to your business or mock-ups where you can then add details of your upcoming launch.  Adding your book or course content to a mock-up is a great way to show what’s coming soon!

Basically it can be hard to think of what to post, so adding testimonials over images, or celebrating related national days can help break up the feed, as well as adding some variety.

These images can either be created by you, or purchased from stock photography sites and even Canva has images that you can use. Be mindful that as these are representation of your brand, they need to be consistent with your brand aesthetic.

Freebie – if you sign up to receive my Brand Photography Starter Kit, then there are 5 free styled stock images in there for you to start using straight away


The images you need for your launch: Your own stock images.


And if you’re in the planning mode of your launch, here are some timescales to consider:


  • At least 1 week before you launch (however you are planning on launching) to have all of your assets ready – this will make things a lot less stressful, personally I try and get it done a couple of weeks before in case something crops up!
  • Images take 2-3 weeks for editing after your shoot (although a priority edit service can be added, subject to diary!)
  • So on that basis you want to be having your shoot at least 1 month before you are due to launch
  • Allow at least 3 weeks to properly plan your shoot
  • And prime shoot dates can be booked out 2 months in advance…..


So if you’re wanting to have a shoot for your launch, and say you’re starting the launch in September, then you will want to have your shoot in August, be planning it in July and getting it booked in the diary for May/June time.  If you’re wanting images for the audience warm-up ready for your launch, then use that as your deadline for needing your assets ready

March 27, 2023