Mini Shoot in Croatia with FB Ad Strategist⁣ Danny Young

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Time to share another of the incredible entrepreneurs I photographed in Croatia last year, this time it’s Danny, a FB Ad Strategist⁣ and Messenger Marketing Expert.  As well as the mini shoot, he delivered a talk to the retreat attendees on FB marketing, and it’s no wonder people enlist his help – this guy definitely earns the title of expert!


What first got you into your field?

I jumped out of my corporate (sales & marketing job) with ZERO plan (but the luxury of having enough in the bank to take a leap of faith) – and then I quickly fell back into marketing but this time in the digital space as I realised I love working with coaches and entrepreneurs doing what I am good at!


What’s your favourite thing about the work that you do?

Working with coaches is really empowering – all of my clients are in the “helping other to become better people” game, and when me and the team apply our magic to their digital marketing and help them to get massive results, the ripple effect comes with a nice, warm and fuzzy feel-good factor. Helping others to help others is pretty cool!


Mini Brand Shoot in Croatia with Danny Young, FB Ad Strategist. Image by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


“You came highly recommended so I knew I’d feel at ease, and my main worry was “am I going to hold my smile for too long and get that weird face on” – it didn’t happen, I was totally at ease and we had a great chat during our time together, I loved it!

It was only a short shoot in Croatia unfortunately, but it was fab to walk down by the sea and take shots in a really lovely location, while chatting away like we’d known each other for ages.”


Mini Brand Shoot in Croatia with Danny Young, FB Ad Strategist. Image by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


What is a ‘reality’ of your work that other people don’t realise?

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, ever-changing and it takes a lot of effort to stay at the forefront of what we do. Coupled with one of our core values being Excellence in everything, we spend an awful lot of time discussing the best angles and approaches. There is no “one size fits all” rulebook with Facebook ads, or anything else in digital marketing, come to that…


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? (can be on anything!)

“Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake, recognise it as a learning experience instead.”


What’s your cocktail / mocktail of choice?

I like a nice old fashioned 🙂


So if you’re on the lookout for someone to work with to really make your FB ads work hard, then you need Danny and his team in your business.  You can find more on Facebook | Website | Facebook Group | Instagram

And if you’re thinking of gifting a mini shoot to your retreat attendees as part of the experience then I’d love to chat more.

January 26, 2022