London Mini Shoot With Brand Designer and Photographer Jacquie (Bailey & Roo)

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This week I’m sharing some of the images from Jacquie’s London mini shoot and giving you the chance to get to know her a bit better because this woman is fabulous!

And, I get the absolute pleasure of photographing her again next month to create even more images for her upcoming rebrand – that’s right, she not only talks the talk but she walks the walk!  So without further ado…..  Here’s Jacquie 🙂  (and yes, there are a couple of Christmas ones, because it was the festive mini session!)


What first got you into your field?

I’ve worked in various creative roles ever since I finished my A Levels, all of which have helped me get to where I am today as a producer of creative content and design. From commercial photography and video production, to packaging and website design, everything has helped me to build the brand I have today.


What’s your favourite thing about the work that you do?

I absolutely love helping other creatives to transform their businesses with their shiny new branding, stationery and imagery. Seeing how they go from lacking confidence to being really excited about the future for their business and hitting those goals lights me up!
I love that no two projects are the same. Whilst I do have my own style, each project is very different because of the person behind the brand so I love that I get to create something unique for every single client.


What is a ‘reality’ of your work that other people don’t realise?

As creatives it’s so easy to jump straight in with creating a logo, especially now there’s apps like Canva which make designing on the go a breeze. What many people don’t realise is that before I even start designing or shooting for my clients, there is a whole lot of prep, knowledge and years of experience that allows me to create exactly what my clients need. From understanding colour psychology for choosing the perfect brand colours, knowing what props to use for my product shoots and even the various print finishes and materials for that perfect branded stationery. It all takes a whole lot of time to create every asset for my clients.


London mini shoot for your brand with AKP Branding Stories. Behind the scenes photos of Bailey & Roo during our London brand photo shoot.


“I didn’t have any fears! Having known you for such a long time it’s been on my list to have a shoot with you for years.

I loved the whole shoot! Getting my hair and makeup done with the lovely Pippa. Finally meeting you face to face. Knowing that you just got what I wanted to achieve from the shoot and made me feel comfortable being the other side of the camera for a change.

I’d say to people…. Book Amanda! The planning she goes through before your shoot means she helps you to get the most out of it on the day. If you feel nervous you definitely won’t be on the shoot. Amanda is the queen of finding the perfect location for your shoot too which is a bonus because that really makes a difference with your brand photos.

As I’m rebranding in the next few months I wanted to start building a library of images to help me create everything for my launch. The images have helped me to plan my new website and future content for my marketing.”


Beautiful brand photographs of Bailey & Roo during a London Mini Shoot with AKP Branding Stories. Brand photographs and behind the scenes by AKP Branding Stories. London Brand Photo session with Brand Designer and Photographer Jacquie (Bailey & Roo).


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? (can be on anything!)

Stick to your boundaries! It’s taken me years of practice but I feel like I’m finally sticking to my own boundaries (most of the time at least!).
I have always been a people pleaser. Never wanting to let anyone down. Never wanting to say no and trying to squeeze in projects because of a client deadline that actually I didn’t have time to do but not wanting to let them down I’d say yes.

Now I have a much clearer structure to my working hours and availability and I’m confident sticking to my boundaries, even if it means saying no to projects. What I’ve learnt is if someone is the right client for you and they love your work, they will usually be more than happy to wait until your next available space.

This advice alone has completely shifted my mindset and transformed my business.


What’s your cocktail / mocktail of choice?

I love a cocktail, it’s always my go to when I’m out for a meal. It depends on the time of year…in the summer I love a mojito or a pina colada. The rest of the year I’ll often have something light and fruity. I lived on mocktail mojitos during my pregnancies 🙂


Where can we find you?

Instagram | Facebook | Website


Brand Photo Session by AKP Branding Stories with Brand Designer and Photographer Jacquie (Bailey & Roo).


And if you’re interested in joining me on a future London mini session, you can sign up to the waitlist here.

February 15, 2023