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Sometimes in business you come across people who you not only click with on a professional level but on a friendship level, Nicki is one of those people.  We first met towards the end of 2017 and as part of our pre-shoot catch up, we decided to go for dinner and it was like talking to an old friend!

On that first shoot we braved a cold rooftop bar overlooking the iconic St Paul’s to capture Nicki in her element – looking stylish with a glass of fizz in her hands.  Fast forward a few months and we had a fun afternoon creating styled flatlays for her brand, her own personal set up of stock imagery if you like, it was such fun to just get creative and see what really inspired her, from books to her trusty Mulberry.  And then almost a year from her first shoot, we braved the cold again (seriously Nicki the next one needs to be in warmth!) to create some fresh, edgy images that would align with her exciting rebrand (coming in the new year).

You see, Nicki is a branding queen – her super-power is to take those scattered thoughts you have about your business idea, the messages you want to try and convey and she turns it into a kick ass brand.  Her clients come away with a brand that truly represents their story, their passion and their business message.

Nicki has signed up to The Seasonal Edit, which means I get to photograph this inspiring and beautiful lady for a whole year – so yes, there will be more to come and yes there will be some summer shoots in there somewhere.  But for now, take a look of what we have created together so far.


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Nicki is undergoing an epic rebrand at the moment, you can follow her journey and learn more about her here:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

If you’re looking for someone to rebrand or refresh your business, or are starting from scratch, then definitely get in touch with her, and if you’re wanting to invigorate your brand images in 2019, then I’d love to hear from you too.

Until next time,

Amanda x


Hair and makeup by the lovely Victoria Percival

December 13, 2018