My 2018 brand photography highlights

Behind The Scenes

Ok, so I know that it’s not quite the end of 2018 yet, but as I will be signing off for Christmas tomorrow, I am going to do my 2018 round up now.  And wow what a year it has been!

As you may know, AKP Branding Stories is still a baby in terms of online presence, but I’ve been photographing business stories for a couple of years now, so it was about time to give it a home of its own.  Hutch was an absolute star in creating the website and in doing so I was reminded of just how many insanely talented and inspiring people I have had the pleasure of working with this year alone.

I will over the course of next year be blogging each of the shoots – blogging is going to be a big focus for me next year, not only on the shoot side, but also in bringing some of my industry faves to you to help support and grow your business.  I’m also going to be filling my Instagram with the shoots, and trying to be a bit more visible on IG Stories so you can see what I’m up to, after all, if I’m telling other people’s brand stories I should probably share my own too.

This year also saw the launch of The Seasonal Edit, a service I am really proud of.  After hearing the frustrations of entrepreneurs never having enough images, or the right image for their brand and the image hungry demand social media places on them I realised how lucky I am having such a vast array of images on my computer as a photographer.  And voila, The Seasonal Edit was born – a 12-month service meaning that you don’t have to worry about running out of images, how about for a stress off your mind for 2019!

So, who has stepped in front of my camera this year… From business coaches and wedding planners through to lawyers and makeup artists, it’s been a blast and I am excited to show you them all… Although I have to say it was hard to choose one image from each shoot, and you may spot one or two people graced the front of my camera more than once!


[pp_gallery id=”4218″ style-id=”34c93bc0-dd28-4cfa-8021-9dc6e45f2e3e”] 


Before I sign off for a delicious gingerbread martini (Hutch makes a mean cocktail) and get ready for the festive cheer, and without this sounding like an Oscars speech, I have to give an absolute heartfelt thank you not only to my wonderful clients but to the wider team of experts who have helped and will continue to help make my business what it is.  From Lisa Johnson for pushing me to do this, Claire Graham for the images of me, Heather Stanford for making sure my T&Cs are strong and the many business owners who have inspired me and become great friends along the way.  But most importantly Hutch, who created this website and has generally just supported me throughout everything I want to do, no matter how hair-brained or last minute the request!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Amanda x

December 19, 2018