How do I plan a brand shoot?

Behind The Scenes

If you’ve ever heard me deliver training within business Facebook groups or of course, worked with me then you’ll know how much emphasis is put on what it takes to plan a brand shoot.

But for those of you who are new to me and wonder what goes on before I turn up on the day, I thought I’d share what I get up to…


So once the paperwork is sorted (which is super easy and straightforward thanks to Dubsado and Paula making it slick as!) we can get onto the fun bits…. Here’s how I plan a brand shoot…


Images of a photographer packing her bag and planning a brand shoot.


Brand Questionnaire

This is where I really want to get to grips with your brand, ideal client, your marketing plans, how you want to be portrayed, etc.  So the more detail in this questionnaire the better, as it helps the creative cogs in my head churn before our call so I can start building on the ideas I would have had on our consultation call (yes, my head is buzzing with ideas after our first chat before you’ve even booked).

You’ll also have a shoot planning guide that talks you through all the elements of the shoot so that you can really think about what you need and how we will bring the shoot to life.


Pinterest Moodboard

We will have a shared Pinterest Board so that if there are images that you are particularly drawn to, you can add them there and as we go through our planning together, this board will grow and form the basis of our moodboards in your personalised shoot guide/plan


Location research

This is the bit that takes the most time, finding the perfect location(s) for you – be that a gorgeous shoot house for those working and relaxing indoor shots, a picturesque street to stroll down, a bar or coffee shop to grab a well styled drink or just the right shade of a wall colour or door that perfectly complements your brand colours.  If you’re having a shoot house, I’ll source the ones that best suit our brief and send you over the options to then select your favourite one so you can book it.


Creative call

On this call we will go through the location options, styling, clothing, specific images that are needed (for example if you’re launching something) and props as well as talking through any questions and dispelling any nerves that may be lingering.  This call is a chance for us to catch up before the shoot and cement any ideas that have been bubbling away so that I can create your shoot plan


Personalised shoot plan

This has all your shoot logistics so you know where you’re going as well as your moodboard so you can see the artistic vision for the day.  I think probably the most useful bit of this plan before the shoot is your pack list.  This literally lists everything that you need to bring with you in terms of clothing and props and will even remind you to bring snacks, water and comfy shoes if we’re walking between locations!


The day before 

This is where I check and triple-check my kit, batteries and memory cards.  And even before I leave the house I go through everything to make sure that somehow overnight it hasn’t all crept out the bag and gone back into the cupboard!  I am also getting much better at making up a salad for lunch and getting snacks together rather than trying to pick something up on the way or not eating anything until the end of a shoot (which is never a good idea if it’s a 4 hour Content Brand Shoot!)


Are you ready to plan a brand shoot with me?  Get in touch 🙂

October 24, 2022