How we can Work Together in 2023

Behind The Scenes

It’s a new year and I’m so excited to share all the ways we can work together in 2023! But first… Happy New Year!

How was your festive break (did you take a break?!)  I did a little bit of behind the scenes work but for the most part I was off and enjoying time with family and eating too many treats!


There’s loads happening this year and I finished off 2022 really excited as I was putting together my strategy and content plan.  And also a bit gobsmacked at just what I achieved in 2022…


What happened in 2022?


Wow that was a full on and exciting year!  90 brand shoots across London, the UK and Europe totalling 19,827 edited images (which means a lot more than that were taken!) I also started working with the incredible Paula for my Pinterest, Reels and Dubsado as well as Chantelle for Copywriting.  I’ve continued working with Lisa Johnson and in fact 2023 will see me being one of the associate coaches and sponsors, so I’m super excited for that.  I’ve also continued working with Joanne Fisher for all the legal aspects of my business.


I also had another brand shoot with Bry Penney, who’s now the other side of the Atlantic, so not sure what I’ll do now that I’ve dyed my hair!  And that shoot of course I was at the talented hands of Pipa for hair and makeup and Chelle who put together the perfect shoot wardrobe for me again.  This time the shoot was in a Shoot House sourced by Helen and Styled Home Studios, an incredible platform for shoot locations and one I’ve now been using a lot for my clients this year.


How we can work together in 2023: A lookback at 2022 and all the success I had in my business.



So what does 2023 bring?


Well, firstly, hopefully, an imminent house move (something that should have happened last year – why is the process in the UK such a painful one when it comes to buying a house!)

From a business perspective, I’m really looking forward to seeing who is going to be stepping in front of my camera, and there are already so fabulous people booked in.  My shoots this year are going to work on a seasonal basis, by that I mean that each season I’ll launch a new set of shoot dates, so for instance on the 9th January I’ll open up the wait list for my Spring shoots (March, April and May) and then on the 6th February the dates will go live to that wait list.

The reason for doing this, is so that the planning can be more focussed to those shoots coming up first and so that if you’re launching anything, you can organise your shoot in line with when you’ll need to be creating the assets for that launch.


And to refresh… Here’s how we can work together 👇


🌟 The Seasonal Edit

I take on a limited number of clients each year for this 12-month brand photography package. As part of this package, you’ll get a beautiful set of curated images throughout the year that deeply aligns with your marketing and content plan.


🌟 The Content Brand Shoot

The Content Brand Shoot is perfect for when you’re launching or re-launching your brand, creating new services or updating your website. The waitlists for these shoots are released seasonally, so head to the link in my bio to get in line.


🌟 Lifestyle Brand Portraits

This package is about showing you in a gorgeous, natural environment to help people see the real you, who you are and what you stand for. You’ll get a beautiful collection of images (no old-fashioned headshots!) that resonate deeply with your ideal clients. (Spots for these are also waitlisted).


🌟 Mini Shoots

Sometimes you just need an injection of something seasonal in your marketing, and that’s where the Seasonal Mini shoots come in; these are held in April for Spring images and in November for Festive images.


🌟 Retreat & Course Shoots

If you want to add an extra special bonus to those who sign up for your course or retreat, mini-brand shoots can add a VIP touch. Book a call to discuss how we can work together on a bespoke package.


Want to chat more about your shoot?  Then book in a Virtual Coffee with me and we can see what will work best for your brand


From a content perspective, I’m setting myself the challenge of being much more visible and showing you behind the scenes on more shoots on IG Stories.  But I’m also going to be sharing with you lots of tips and advice, not just from the photography side of things, but from my amazing clients who are experts in their field.  And at the time of this going live today, I’ve already got January – April all lined up!  So keep your eyes peeled 🙂 

January 4, 2023