Is a brand shoot worth the investment?

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Is a brand shoot worth the investment? Here’s the thing – There’s been a lot of talk within the online and real-world about the cost of living crisis, and it’s only natural that businesses and households are assessing where they spend their money, and rightly so.  Even outside of the current financial environment, we find ourselves in, every investment we make into our business needs to be the right one, for the right reasons (not because you have a case of shiny object syndrome – unfinished courses and unused templates I’m looking at you!)


For anything you’re buying, you need to think:


  1. is it right for my business?
  2. will I commit the time and energy needed to make the most of it?
  3. will it help me move my business forward and towards my goals?


And so, if you’ve been thinking about booking a brand shoot, I am going to share with you some of the reasons a brand shoot might be a solid investment for your and your business…


Brand shoot of sleep expert Holly in a shoot house in London. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Enhances your online presence = more visible

Have you ever sat there and wondered what to post, or have the perfect caption but you’re bored of the same old Canva templates to add a quote to?  Having a bank of images that are on brand and have been created with your marketing strategy and business in mind will help take that stress away.  And we all know that by being consistently present online, you will be more visible to your ideal clients, therefore creating more sales opportunities for your business.


Website upgrade

New images are a great way to give your website a bit of a refresh and an upgrade.  If you’ve got a design that’s working well for you and the structure is all there, updating the images (especially if you have changed your appearance at all) is an easy way to jazz it up and give it a bit of a face lift.  It’s also then something you can shout about on other platforms to show you’ve had a website update, to drive a bit more traffic and remind people of your offerings.


Brand shoot images of female entrepreneurs in Malta. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories.


Builds the Know, Like and Trust factor

Brand images are of course an easy way to put a face to the brand or name.  It shows your audience who you are and what you’re about – giving them an insight into you (remember, now all your images have to be you looking into the camera, bringing your interests and hobbies in allows your audience to get to know you a bit more).

Professional brand images will also show you take your business seriously, something that a poorly lit phone selfie can’t convey as well positioning you as the expert in your field.

All of these build that Know, Like and Trust, which ultimately helps lead them to buy.


Creates flexible brand assets

Whether you’re launching and in need of images for your sales page, if you’re writing a new Freebie to grow your list, starting a podcast, hosting a virtual summit or gaining momentum in your PR journey – a brand shoot will give you an array of images that will work for you and your business and meet your marketing needs.  Obviously the longer the shoot the more images you will get, but even a mini shoot can be strategically planned to make sure that your images work hard for you.


Brand shoot for Christine and Nicki of Blossom Connections in London. Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Builds your personal brand identity

As with building your visibility, by being consistently out there and with images that are cohesive and aligned with your brand, you will become known and recognisable – not necessarily in the stopping you in the streets sort of way – but in the sense that people will come across your content and know it’s you, because your identity has become ingrained in their mind!  Meaning when you put something out there that they need, they’ll know you’re a safe and trustworthy place to spend their money, you’re a known identity to them


Major confidence boost – feel proud and excited to show your face

I may have left this one til last but to me it’s the most important transformation I see in my clients – the confidence to show up, to put themselves out there, because through the whole process they realise that it’s not as scary as they thought, and they end up with images that show who they are – the fabulous, passionate, experienced, professional and amazing expert they are.  It’s what your clients see, it’s what those around you know – but it’s that moment when my clients have the realisation that this is them, and then they feel proud and excited to show those images off to the world!


Brand shoot of Physio and Coach Phyliss Woodfine in London, Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


“I was concerned that it would be awkward and really clunky. Oh my gosh it was so much fun it was really easy and I actually enjoyed it.  You made it so easy. 

You were so engaged and interested and the fact that it wasn’t in just one location but over a few different sites and that you had pre-researched by talking to me before and really seemed to get me.

The images are so me and have really captured my personality and how I am with my clients so I feel   I can use them with pride and know its really reflecting what I do and who I am.

I’d say to people that “Amanda is super engaged and incredibly fun and just gets the best from you”

-Phyliss Woodfine-


So if you’re ready to invest in your own brand shoot, I’d love to chat to you, why not book in a virtual coffee chat?

October 3, 2022