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One of the things I love about planning brand shoots is thinking of and exploring brand shoot location ideas for my clients, and it’s something I’ve touched on before about how to choose your brand shoot location, but I’ll get into more specifics this time so that you can really make sure you’re choosing the best place to have your brand shoot.


Your home or studio

Showcasing where you work and live can be integral to a personal brand, and so your immediate thought will be to have this at home.  This is great if you have a light filled home or studio and it’s spot on your brand.  However, if your mid renovation or in rented accommodation and can’t decorate, then you may find that the space isn’t quite what you need.  When thinking about using your home or studio for a shoot then consider:

  • is it light and bright – light is integral to good photography!  I’ll be looking for the good light spots, and we may move furniture around to create the scene in the best possible light
  • is it on brand?
  • are you happy for your potential clients to see where you live (if you’re a private person, exposing your home to the outside world may not be what you want to do)?


Cost: it’s free, it’s your home or studio after all! (other than if you want to buy additional props!)

Pros: it’s your home, you don’t have to travel anywhere, you don’t have to pack all your bits up to transport them to the shoot and your wardrobe is on hand for last minute outfit additions

Cons: you may need/want to tidy things away that aren’t on brand, if you live with other people you may want to turf them out so that you’re not interrupted.


Various home brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories


Shoot houses / serviced apartments / AirBnB

Now, if the thought of using your own house filled you with dread, then fear not, there are amazing shoot house agencies out there that can become your home away from in a much more on brand way.  These shoot houses have been chosen because they are beautifully decorated in all sorts of style, whatever you’re looking for there is generally a shoot house to suit and come with the necessary permissions to shoot there.

The other option is an AirBnB, serviced apartment or hotel suite.  Quite often these require permission, and whilst on the surface may seem like a cheaper option than a shoot house, they may incur a commercial fee as well as you needed to book more than one night as check in/out times never align with shoot times!


Cost: this can be as little as a couple of hundred up to as much as £1,200.  The investment though is definitely worth it, I was so pleased with the results we got from our own brand shoot in a shoot location.

Pros: you can find somewhere that is bang on brand and it comes cleaned for you!  The shoot houses especially are geared up for shoots and so the lighting is spot on

Cons: It is an added expensive, but as I said, one that I think is worth it.  You may also look like you’re moving in to the place if you pack as many props and styling items as I did for my shoot!


Various home brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories


Serviced office

If it’s working photos you’re after, then serviced offices or co-working spaces can be an option and there are some really creative spaces out there, in fact I’m working in one right now as I write this!  A bit like shoot houses, you don’t have to do the tidying and cleaning, but you’re likely not going to be bringing quite as many props to this, unless you’ve hired a designated office or meeting room that only you will be in.


Cost: varies widely!

Pros: gorgeous work spaces that may also be the environment you meet clients in so they’ll feel familiar with the space when they meet you.

Cons: you may need to be a member of some of the co-working spaces in order to be able to shoot in them, and you may be restricted by the times you’re able to do this as to not to annoy the other members.


Various office brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories



This is great if you want a complete blank canvas, which is actually perfect for those negative space images that you need for overlaying text on.  They’re great for that crisp editorial feel and striking portraits without any distraction.


Cost: can be as little as a couple of hundred pounds for a half day shoot

Pros: again, these are geared up for shoots so are perfect in terms of lighting and you can get a whole host of on brand coloured backdrops

Cons: unless you are wanting pure portraits of you, with minimal styling, you’re going to need to bring a lot of stuff to set any scenes.  So it depends on what you’re looking for in your photos


Various studio brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories



That laptop lifestyle is shown so beautifully in a cafe, you know the shot – you see them a lot on pinterest!  They work really well if that’s genuinely how you run your business, don’t feel like you have to do these images though if they don’t sit true to your brand.  They’re also great, if like me you love a brunch and therefore it’s part of your life that you want to show in your brand story.


Cost: usually the cost of a coffee or lunch – please don’t just turn up shoot and leave, they’re businesses as well after all.

Pros: great food and drinks to fuel you for the shoot, and a beautiful on brand location for those relaxed lifestyle photos

Cons: not all cafes are happy for you to shoot in them, so be flexible and prepared to go elsewhere if it’s just not working.  Also, it’s really important to not do these shots at what is considered peak service i.e. meal times!


Various cafe brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories



This is where your brand story and ideal client needs to be considered as “outside” as a brand shoot location is sooooo varied – are you wanting modern city vibes, rolling hills, the sea lapping at your feet, wide open countryside or quaint cobbled streets!  This is where I love exploring and finding new places as potential brand shoot locations – my phone is filled with saved images and pinned locations!

Cost: generally free unless you’re going to a paid park (and be mindful you may need a permit), or at least you may need to pay for parking

Pros: the world is your oyster – so many different options to shoot in and really tailor to your brand

Cons: the weather! This is why it’s important to have a backup indoor location or a backup date if you need to move the shoot (sometimes a brand shoot will only work outside, so an alternative date in the diary is a good idea).


Various outdoor brand shoot location ideas with London branding photographer AKP Branding Stories



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August 17, 2021