Why Your Brand Shoot Needs to Align With Your Marketing Plan

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Whether you had your business and marketing plan for 2022 sorted at the end of last year or you’re working on it now, it’s such a valuable exercise to do for your business.  There’s a statistic about how writing a plan will make you more likely to hit your goals, but I can’t remember what it is and google bought a few different ones, but you get the gist – writing down your goals and then working out the steps you need to do to reach them is going to make it much more achievable than it just being there in your head.

And one you have those goals and strategy, your marketing can be planned out… What you are launching and when then leads into what emails do you need to be sending, what do you need to posting on socials, are you going to be targeting publications for PR, going on podcasts etc…  All these activities can be planned out – or at the very least your themes can – you don’t have to schedule and write everything for the year (if you don’t want to).

But having these goals, the strategy and the marketing plan all then feed directly into your brand shoot – they create the purpose for the shoot.  If you brand is the foundation of your shoot then your marketing plan is the structure.  Those themes in your plan translate into the props, styling and locations.

For instance… if you are launching a podcast then you’ll need photos of/for:


  • podcast episode tile(s)
  • the podcast page on your website
  • social media posts for launch and then each episode
  • you recording an episode
  • bio pic
  • phone mock up so you can add the episode screenshot to
  • press pack if you’re sending information out to guests or for sponsors


podcast brand images by AKP Branding Stories


And that is just for one thing that you’re launching.  It would be so easy to miss something if it was all in your head rather than a plan?  Without a plan, you will get lovely photos of you, but they won’t necessarily do all the things you need them to do to maximise their effectiveness in your business.

It’s why when I go through the shoot planning process with a client, I ask what they have planned in their marketing for the next 3, 6, 9 months (shoot length depending) – so I know what things they have coming up that they will need images for. (And if you’re wondering why Shelly is the header image for this blog post – well, she’s an absolute pro when it comes to helping you with putting a strategy and plan together!)


So, as you’re looking through your plan / strategy for the year – what images do you need and what gaps do you have?  Let’s chat and plan a shoot to create those key images.

January 10, 2022