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UK Brand Shoots

I’ve had the opportunity now to photograph products for Denby on a couple of occasions, the brief for both shoots were to create images that reflect the true nature in which their products are used.  So, with the creative styling prowess of Philippa from Fleur and Fig, we set about creating a weekend brunch feel followed by a festive hosting vibe (perfect for this time of year and for some hosting tips associated with this shoot, see the feature on B.loved).

Gone are the days where consumers want to see images cut out on stark white backgrounds (although there is still a place and a need for these images for some online selling platforms).  What’s expected more, is the desire to see how the product can be used, to provide some context and spark the desire in customers to want that product in their lives.


Weekend Brunch Lifestyle Shoot

The brunch scene has certainly taken off in recent years, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for eating out at your favourite local for avo on toast (although that is by far my fave breakfast!)  There are times when you may just want a chilled weekend at home, but why settle for Wheetabix or toast when you can very easily rustle up your own yummy brunch feast.  For this shoot, we went sort of healthy, with fruit, yogurt and granola, however we also added in some waffles for good measure, and of course let’s not forget the freshly brewed coffee.

The Denby Canvas range was the source of inspiration for this shoot, with it’s natural textures and colours, it conjures up those hygge feelings and wanting to curl up on the sofa.


[pp_gallery id=”4131″ style-id=”34c93bc0-dd28-4cfa-8021-9dc6e45f2e3e”] 

Festive Cocktails and Canapes Shoot

Hosting doesn’t have to be stressful at Christmas, and with Denbies serving plates and wooden boards are the perfect accompaniment to canapes (either homemade or cheekily sourced from the supermarket, we won’t tell if you don’t!) and served with simple but tasty crowd pleasing cocktails.


[pp_gallery id=”4142″ style-id=”34c93bc0-dd28-4cfa-8021-9dc6e45f2e3e”] 


As you can see, two very different vibes but in keeping with the homely and stylish feel that is associated with the Denby brand.  Your images have to be relevant and timely for social media, it’s why I created The Seasonal Edit, to provide my clients with the ability to have images all year round, interested to her more?

Until next time,

Amanda x

November 28, 2018