Interior Design Photography with Aarti Popat

UK Brand Shoots

I have always had a love for interiors, I had countless boards on Pinterest for when we bought her house, and we’re loving renovating our place at the moment (it’s almost done!) so it’s amazing to be able to combine my love for photography with interiors by working with interior designers, especially when they are as lovely and talented as Aarti.

We held the shoot in a beautiful house that Aarti had been involved in the design and execution of as it’s important with interior design photography to capture the detail of the space as well as for this shoot, capturing Aarti in her creative process.  We also worked with Amy from a Timeless Stylist to help dress the rooms for a shoot, the perfect dream team!

Anyone else want to move in to this house?!


Interior Design Photography  – A London Brand Shoot


[pp_gallery id=”4378″ style-id=”34c93bc0-dd28-4cfa-8021-9dc6e45f2e3e”] 


I absolutely love the style and details within this house, the gorgeous light and the perfect hosting kitchen diner – I mean that table is fabulous!  I think interior designers are as obsessed with light as photographers are, how it can change the ambiance and vibe of a room, how you can use it to create a sense of calm or drama.

If you want to follow the wonderful Aarti and see more of her beautiful work you can find her via her Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

And for the lovely Amy for all your styling needs you can find her via her Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest


Are you in need of interior design photography?

After working with many creative businesses, I understand how important it is to have an up to date portfolio of your work and designs, something you can share with prospective clients to show your credibility and vision.  I work with one of commissions or through the Seasonal Edit, providing you with a set number of hours of shoot time for the year, so you can plan it into your projects, to document key milestones and finished designs.   Ready to talk more?

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March 27, 2019