Destination brand photography | A brand shoot in Menorca

Destination Brand Shoots

What happens when you combine a love of photography, two friends and a love of travel?  Well, you get a destination brand shoot in Menorca with the amazingly talented wedding photographer Philippa Sian Photography.

You’ll hear me say time and time again, the key to great brand photography is in the storytelling, and whilst a single shoot doesn’t have to tell the full story, it should certainly tell a chapter.  For Philippa, not only does she work with couples within the UK to capture their special day, she also travels across Europe to capture those who choose to travel abroad.  So when one of my best friends was looking for a photographer for their Menorca wedding, of course I sent them Philippa’s way (I was a guest!) and so as we were both in sunny Menorca, it made absolute sense to photograph this element of Philippa’s business.  It’s hard to recreate that destination vibe in the UK (although not impossible) so I have always been happy to travel with my clients to capture the true essence of their business.

So we headed out in the morning before the day got too warm and to beaches and through winding streets to capture Philippa not only working her magic with the camera, but also exploring, something I know she takes great pride in to ensure she finds the perfect location for pre-wedding shoots and family shoots.


A destination brand shoot in Menorca, Spain


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For more details about Philippa Sian Photography, you can follow her work on Instagram | Facebook | Website.

And if your business takes you travelling, have you considered a destination brand shoot?  This can be combined with existing travels (find out where I’ll be this year) or by adding it on to your itinerary on a business trip.   Make sure your brand imagery really does reflect your business.

Until next time,

Amanda x

March 20, 2019