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Throwing it back to the summer where I met and photographed the fabulous duo Amy and Lucy of the podcast “Oh For Foodsake” and before I hand you over to Amy to give us a bit of an insight into the business, I have to say that these two embraced the colour!  You read a lot of advice online saying that you should shy away from bright colours and bold patterns on a photoshoot and I call BS!  These two ladies bought all the colour and patterns and I just love the impact it had on their images.


We photographed in a beautiful shoot house / AirBnB that the ladies were staying in for a few days together to go through all their strategy and “on the business” stuff.  And this location had previously been on Interior Design Masters, so I was excited to see it in the flesh, it didn’t disappoint (although the view over the lake was hampered by the fog!)


Amy and Lucy work within the food manufacturing industry which was funny, as it was the industry I worked really closely with in the corporate world writing Crisis Management plans, so it’s funny how these two worlds have collided again.  Anyway, without further ado, I’m going to hand you over to Amy and show you some of their brand shoot!


What first got you into your field?

I had worked in the food manufacturing for 20+ years, which came from a love of food and cooking from a very young age. Working in the food industry is super rewarding but also super hard work and I had some tough times along the way. In 2020, I decided to change my direction from working in the sector, to supporting the personal and professional development of those in the sector. Supporting professionals in the food industry to be more confident and resilient, so they can get the recognition they deserve in their careers is what I LOVE doing.


What’s your favourite thing about the work that you do?

The podcast “Oh for Food’s Sake” that I co-host with my friend and colleague Lucy Wager. We have such a loyal following and I love that through the podcast we care share free hints and tips with our audience and create a greater impact in the industry as a whole.




“I was worried whether we would get a big enough bank of different kinds of shots. I had a shoot previously with another photographer and in hindsight should have had more outfit changes. You planned the shoot so well, so I didn’t need to worry – and you encouraged us to keep changing outfits so we would get the most out of the shoot

All of it was fun! But the bits where Lucy and I drank champagne were fairly special! The whole day was a bit like a fairy tale and I am glad we got our hair and make up done as it all made it feel extra special

Amanda makes you instantly feel at ease – she’s a calming force and is great at chatting away to you to get you to feel as ease and relax into the shoot. She’s also amazing at composing the right shots and thinking about how you might use the images. And she’s just a lovely human (also the only photographer i have ever met that understood our industry!!)

The images have reinvigorated both my personal brand and the podcasts – we have used the images with great pops of colour across our social media and created a website for the podcast using the images.

The amazing shots of me in my orange dress were so fabulous that I have ended up adding that pop of colour to my brand colours and website. It has also helped me become more visible and grow my audience, because I feel confident sharing those images

But most of all I think it has elevated our brands to a level of professionalism that has meant (along with the content I produce) has added to our level of credibility in the industry.”



What is a ‘reality’ of your work that other people don’t realise? 

Being self employed is hard work and for the first year in my business I felt like I was shouting into a void and nobody was listening. The tenacity, guts and resilience you need to keep going should not be under estimated


What’s your cocktail / mocktail of choice?

I love a mojito


And you can find both Amy and Lucy on the following channels:


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January 5, 2024