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This is the first expert guest post of the year and I thought what better way than to start with looking at your mindset and how this will play a part in your year.  This is something I’ve been working really hard on and have seen the difference it can make to then how I approach my day and how productive I’ve been.  So, without further ado I’m going to handover to the Mindset Queen…. Jade from the Female Intuition


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I know 2020 is going to be an amazing year for me and my business. I have the mindset and belief that I am going to achieve all of my goals and make a difference to the lives of so many amazing women.

I want YOU to have that belief too. I want YOU to make 2020 YOUR year. This year where YOU achieve everything YOU dream of.

So, here are my tips to help you get your mindset working for you so you are confident that you’ve got this!


Listen to your intuition

I know how busy it is being an entrepreneur and sometimes that means we overlook the little messages we get from our minds and bodies. Sometimes we need to take a step back and simply listen to ourselves. I know it sounds strange but if you need an answer to a problem, ask yourself. Trust yourself to find the answer instinctively and then listen to it.


Know your worth and believe in you

Once you truly believe in yourself and know your worth, that’s when you will find clients become more drawn to you. They’ll see you as an expert because you deliver your message confidently.

I speak to women all the time who are comparing themselves to other people they see online. STOP. Everything you see on social media is what that person wants you to see and definitely isn’t always what it appears. So, focus on the value you give to your clients and the transformations that they make.


Reassess your network

We all know that the people we surround ourselves with affect how we think and feel. Well sometimes those who are negative really play on our insecurities and make us doubt ourselves. I want to reassure you that it is ok to distance yourself from those people. We outgrow friendships and we find new ones.

The people that you really want around you are other entrepreneurs who will be your biggest cheerleaders, they know what you go through and they will support you on your journey. So, if you don’t have a team of cheerleaders behind you then make sure this year you get one!


Schedule self-care

Yes, I know you are busy but self-care is super important. I also know that when we are busy it is the first thing that we cut out. So, I want you to make an appointment in your diary at the same time every week to do self-care.

It doesn’t have to be yoga and meditation if that isn’t your thing. It could simply be having a bubble bath or going for a walk in the country. Whatever it is that gives you time away from your business and time for you to think about you is key.

Imagine if you don’t look after you, who will? Burning out is going to through you off your goals and trust me it takes a while to get your mojo back!


Know where you are going and what you want

This might sound like an obvious one, but I am not just talking about a business strategy. Having a reality board with pictures and aspirations for what you want this year will really help to spur you on, especially when times get tough! Being able to see something you are working towards will give you that motivation to just keep going because it reminds you of your purpose.

Make sure you have a reality board that is bold and resonates with you and keep it somewhere you will see it daily!


I hope that these have inspired you to think about your mindset and start 2020 off in the right head space! I know that you can do this, I believe in you!


Jade Anne

The Female Intuition




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January 15, 2020