A wedding planner brand shoot in Cheshire with Abigail Lucy

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This shoot seems like such a long time ago, a time before face masks were a regular part of our attire!

Abigail and I had chatted on many occasions, building a real friendship, first on social media and then catching up whenever she was in London for client meetings.  So, when she booked her lifestyle brand shoot with me I was delighted.  It’s always such an honour to work with business owners, but when it’s someone you’ve not only built a friendship with, but has a little black book full of incredible photographers it’s even better!

It was important for this shoot to show the passion and process that Abigail goes through for her clients, her attention to detail is insane and we knew we wanted to capture that so that couples coming across her brand would know that they were in the best possible hands for their wedding.  Planning your brand shoot is a collaborative process, even more so when it’s a wedding planner brand shoot – Abigail and I were attuned to what needed to come out of this shoot, from location and props through to the types of images we were created.

And the beauty of working with someone you’ve built a great friendship and relationship with… You get to go for a delicious dinner afterwards!  Ah, how I miss dinners out with friends!


Cheshire wedding planner brand shoot with Abigail Lucy.  Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding StoriesCheshire wedding planner brand shoot with Abigail Lucy.  Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


“I would not say I had any fears, I definitely didn’t we had already spoken a lot beforehand and I felt we had a good connection. However, I was worried about having my photo’s taken and being in the limelight of the camera, I was worried as to whether they would come out as I envisioned in my head and also I worried about giving my feedback if I didn’t like them, as I do not like to upset anyone. However, none of this was a problem. I loved the images, she let me be very involved in the process showing me the raw shots as we went along and guiding me through the best angles. I felt you really took the time beforehand to understand my vision, which I believe is why the images turned out so perfect.

My favourite part was when we were doing the creative shots of the ‘meeting process’, I really enjoyed just trying different props and lighting spots. It was fun, and the images were INCREDIBLE.”




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Cheshire wedding planner brand shoot with Abigail Lucy.  Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding StoriesCheshire wedding planner brand shoot with Abigail Lucy.  Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories



“They have shown the side of my business that is incredibly hard to caption, it’s not easy to make the ‘admin/planning’ behind the scenes side of things look fun. It’s hard to capture the energy that I project onto my clients during our meetings but I really feel she did a very good job of this by creating images that showed just how FUN working with me is.

Amanda has a beautiful energy that makes you feel incredibly comfortable from the moment you meet. She is warm, attentive and very good at making sure you feel at ease. Amanda is a joy to be around and a true delight to work with, she is creative and open to exploring any vision’s you may have. I think she really understands how to get the best out of those who she works with and that isn’t always easy to do. I would also say that one of the thing’s that makes her so enjoyable to work with is that she embraces your own styles, she accepts feedback and allows you to be apart of the shooting process.”




What first got you into your field?

I have always been a very creative person. I’ve grown up surrounded by incredibly talented and creative family members, so making thing’s and putting on the show’s as a child was always something I enjoyed. I just loved entertaining people, being bossy and organised. When I was in school I did work experience as a Hotel Assistant at Wedding Venue in Barlaston, Staffordshire and my love affair all started from there. I absolutely loved the whole process, however, I wasn’t 100% sure that I would do weddings. I went onto work for a successfully wedding venue for a number of years, before moving to Manchester to gain experience within the corporate and private luxury sector. Fast forward, 10 years and I’m still in love with events!


What’s your favourite thing about the work that you do?

It is going to sound very corny, but it’s the god’s honest truth. Making people happy is my favourite part of the job. I love seeing people smile, I love surprising people and I love the energy that you gain from helping others get the best out of life’s important moments.


Cheshire wedding planner brand shoot with Abigail Lucy.  Images by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


What is a ‘reality’ of your work that other people don’t realise? 

Oh gosh! If I could upload a picture with this reply I would. I am laughing just thinking about it. A lot of people think that being a planner is a very glamorous experience, they portray it as networking, doing creative, fun, design setups, travelling and meeting lots of new people. I could go on but you get the gist! It is not to say that it is not all of those thing’s because they are definitely big elements that come as part and parcel of the job, however, it is most certainly NOT glamourous. There are long 14hr days without breaks, moving furniture, fixing problems, cleaning up others mess. Let me give you an example; the last wedding I did was outside and being the perfectionist that I am. Of course, I wanted my clients to set up to be nothing less than perfect. I chose a spot with the very best view with a canal and bridge behind the top table and lovely tall oak trees for shelter from the sun rays. Dreamy, right? Well, it would have been in the goose in the canal behind hadn’t done all of their business on the spot we’d started to set upon. So, I had to go around scooping up goose poo with a stick and a cardboard box as we did not have any poop bags to hand (in my heals and smart attire!) that my friends is the REALITY of being an event/ wedding planner lol.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

What my dear father in law once told me – “you are everything, and you are nothing”.


What’s your cocktail / mocktail of choice?

Gin Martini, Dry, Shaken not stirred with a dash of vermouth and a squeeze of fresh lemon! (Oh and the glass must be frozen)


You can find Abigail and her gorgeous wedding inspiration and advice via her website | instagram | facebook | pinterest.  She is the sweetest soul and so talented at bringing together your vision as a couple and creating the most magical of experiences, so if you’re looking for a wedding planner, then definitely Abigail is your lady!


Until next time,

Amanda x

February 24, 2021