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Wow how did it get to February already!? 

The blog went a little bit quiet last month as things were busy busy busy, but I’m back on track and the posts are scheduled to bring you lots more advice and to showcase the inspiring entrepreneurs who have stepped in front of my camera.

Before I start with today’s shoot, February also marks the relaunch of The Seasonal Edit, a 12 month photography service which means you never have to worry about having the right image for your social media or marketing again.  Imagine that, a whole treasure chest of images to help you be more visible and tell your brand story.  Well, if the stress of knowing what images to post and how to keep your visuals fresh is something that keeps you up at night then pick up the phone or drop me an email as I’d love to talk you through how we can work together and help you get a much better night sleep!

Now, back to the power house that is the focus of today’s blog post…

I first met Lisa a few years back through the wedding side of her empire (Carmela Weddings), which is now run and managed by her fabulous husband Sam.  Fast forward to today and she is a highly successful business coach who has been the driving force behind so many businesses, being dubbed the Passive Income Queen, Lisa’s no-nonsense approach is not for the faint hearted, but if you want results then she is definitely the one to go to. 

Lisa signed up to The Seasonal Edit during the first intake, and the aim of the first shoot was to show some of the lifestyle behind the business.  Lisa more than anyone understands the “know, like and trust” factor behind a successful business, so whilst lots of people have seen the business side, it was time to show the Lisa that her nearest and dearest know.  

So, it is with great pleasure, that I show you the first of many shoots with Lisa Johnson Coaching.  


An at home shoot with Lisa Johnson Coaching


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I loved working on this shoot and I just know the rest of 2019 will be great fun.  You can find out more about Lisa and how she can help your business via:


Membership group 



And if you missed it, she was actually on the blog not too long ago, talking all things strategy so check it out.

Until next time,

Amanda x

February 1, 2019