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Today it’s all about Illy and Zsofia, the fabulous founders and sisters behind the destination wedding payments platform Wedding Forex.  It’s not often that the financial world and the creative wedding world come together so seamlessly, but these two have achieved that and it has resulted in a platform that will make destination weddings, and more specifically, paying for them so much easier and pain-free!

For their brand shoot we wanted to achieve a mix of professionalism and character as they would be needing images that wouldn’t scare off the corporate world, but also showed their personality, passion and just how fun they are (something that corporate headshots severely lack!)

So, we started by capturing them working business style in a beautiful London hotel that had it’s own destination wedding vibes.  We then headed off to the streets of London to explore one of my favourite areas and unleash their characters, scroll down to see some of the images from the shoot.


London brand shoot with Wedding Forex


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You can find out more about Wedding Forex via:





I love all the shoots I do, but when working with a duo or team, there is always a different dynamic to the shoot.  I put it down to the fact that the focus isn’t just on one person, so for those who may be a little nervous in front of the camera, that dissipates when someone they work with or socialise with is there to distract.  Of course, this only works if as a pair you work well together, perhaps I have just been lucky in working with such awesome teams!  Because if you didn’t feel comfortable with each other it would show in the photos, but then I suspect if you didn’t feel comfortable with each other you wouldn’t be in business, or at least maybe shouldn’t be! We have another duo on the blog next week and they were just as fun to work with, so I’m putting it down to the excellent clients I have.

Until next time,

Amanda x

February 13, 2019