Why your audience and ideal client is important in your brand shoot

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You’ve probably heard these phrases time and time again… Ideal client, target audience, ICA (ideal client avatar) and how they are important to how you market.  And it’s true, you need to understand who you want to work with and who you are trying to appeal to so that you can craft your message and your offerings.


You cannot be all things to all people!  If you try to be, then you’ll end up pleasing no-one.


And this is exactly the same for your brand shoot, you need to know who you want your photos to appeal to.  Who are you trying to get to stop scrolling among the masses of other businesses out there?  You want to stop them in their tracks, make them want to read and see more about who you are and what you are about.


brand shoot in London designed to target the ideal client of a business coach - images by London Brand Photographer AKP Branding Stories


In a visual world, brand photography has the power to do that, and it’s why when we’re planning your brand shoot, we spend time talking about who you are wanting to work with, as this will feed into so many aspects of your shoot.  It’s a fine balance between showing off who you are and weaving in elements that your ideal client will relate to, or aspire to be.  From the locations, to the brands you wear, to the props we bring in for styling a scene – whilst they’re not the focus of the image, they are subconscious players in the game of winning over those clients.


Where do they like to hang out or live (we’re getting stalker-ish!), are there books they like, things they like to do or eat, what are the qualities in you that they are drawn to.  These are all things that help make up our shoot plan, to create really compelling imagery.


So who is the ideal client you trying to target?


Until next time?

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July 22, 2020