Do your brand photos have the festive cheer?

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I know I know, it’s only October, so why am I talking about Christmas?  Well, because if Sainsburys is already selling mince pies you know that you need to have at least started thinking about what marketing activities you’re going to be doing in December.  So, what could you be doing in December to market your business and be visible (even if you are on the festive slow down)…..


  • Wishing your clients and audience Happy Holidays on social media, emails, Christmas list
  • Festive update on your website
  • Celebrating and bringing in the New Year
  • Illustrating your business advent calendar if you’re doing one (I’ll be doing one again this year so watch this space)
  • Promoting your book for those who want some Christmas reading
  • Any Boxing Day/New Year offers or deals
  • Christmas podcast episodes
  • Anything you’re launching that may be seasonal or the launch period is in December


festive brand photos taken in london by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


It’s why I created the Festive Mini Shoots so that you can have those festive images for this time of the year – you don’t need a full on brand shoot for this specific season but it is definitely worthwhile having images that are relevant to the time you’re posting. And it doesn’t have to be just photos of you, stock images with a festive theme can work really well (and some of my Christmas and winter stock images include mock ups, perfect for those launches and your book!) so watch this space as the festive stock images will be launching at the end of the month


The beauty of having a festive mini shoot, is that these images can then be rolled out every year if you want.  I had some Christmas/wintery images taken a few years ago and I get great use out of them every year, so it’s a worthwhile investment for the longevity you get in them (you’ll see them pop up next month!).


festive brand photos taken in london by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories

October 4, 2023