Can I bring my pet to my brand shoot?

Shoot Advice

Now, this may seem like a bit of a random topic, but honestly the last few shoots I’ve had have all involved a pet, which is great, as they are so often part of the family and part of your brand story.  Some people’s pet’s are even known on social media, almost in their own right!

So I wanted to share a few thoughts on what it means to include your pet in your brand shoot…


Four images of dogs on brand shoots, taken by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories



Allergies and fears…

First of all, I have no issue with pets being involved, as long as they’re not going to try and eat me, I’m happy!  But if you’re working with another photographer, then I’d suggest checking with them first that there are no fears or allergies to consider.


The location

Unless you’re shooting outside, it’s probably more likely that your pet will feel more comfortable in your home, rather than a shoot house (plus there are often rules about animals in these venues), so make sure that your home is shoot suitable, and by that I mean has great lighting, this is something that you can talk through with your photographer, a video call walk around the house or photos sent will help give an idea of what the like is like at the time you’ll be having your shoot.


Four images of cats and  dogs on brand shoots, taken by London brand photographer AKP Branding Stories


Added logistics

There’s a well known saying “never work with children or animals” and whilst I do both, they do add an extra layer of time needed for the shoot, as during that portion of the shoot, you are at their whim, so make sure that you are not then cramming too much into your shoot time after that section.

Next, think about how they will be involved in your shoot.  Chances are they won’t be needed for the duration, so it’s best that there is someone else comes along to occupy your pet for the rest of the shoot so that you can be fully present and focussed on the rest of the incredible images we will create together.


All that being said, having your pet in your brand images does add another aspect of your clients getting to know you, so with some careful planning it’s definitely worth considering adding your pet in, if it makes sense to your brand story and the purpose of the shoot.


Until next time,

Amanda x

November 17, 2021