Want to learn how to take your own brand photographs at home or workspace? 

A picture paints a thousand words, so it’s a powerful way to showcase your brand and message to your audience.  But it’s not always possible to have a professional brand shoot done, so this DIY brand photography course takes you through the equipment you need, how to prepare for your shoot, how to pose and how to edit your brand photos so you have a consistent look and feel to your brand.

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You don’t know where to start on taking your own brand photos and have stopped showing up! 

You keep taking photos but they just aren’t flattering and don’t sit well amongst your other professional brand photos; 

You don’t have the resources or time to have a brand shoot right now but still need to consistently show up; 

You’re a business owner, creative or entrepreneur and you’re sat there scratching your head wondering where your next on brand photo is going to come from! You know you need to be visible, to show your face, but you’ve hit a bit of a block.

Does this sound like you?





Imagine if you could...

Confidently use your camera or phone to take your own brand photos in your home or workspace 

Show behind the scenes to your business without cringing at the photos you have taken 

Always have a bank of photos of you to share on your social media 

Feel confident that you are able to remain visible and build the “Know, Like and Trust” factor with your audience 


DIY Brand Photography course 

DIY Brand Photography isn’t something that you’d usually hear coming from a brand photographer, but I understand how important it is to be visible and how daunting that can seem doing it yourself. This self-learn video course provides you with the guidance and tips on how to photograph yourself, either behind the scenes or on-brand portraits. Brand photography is integral to marketing your business, and I will share with you how to make brand images work hard for your business. It’s more than just your website “About Page” - whether it's your new book, podcast or launching a new service, you need compelling imagery!

The video and pdf guides in this home brand photography course will take you from photo novice to knowing how to find the best light, how to pose yourself, what to include in your photos and tips on how to edit them consistently so you have a cohesive look and feel to your brand.

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Here's what's included

Whilst as a professional brand photographer I have a large array of equipment, I’ll be sharing with you my advice and tips on how to use the camera or phone you already have to get the best brand images you’re able to. As well as a couple of additions to your kit list that will make things instantly easier (that don’t break the bank!) 

Lighting is the absolute fundamental for professional looking brand photography, so I’m sharing with you how to find the best light at home. Then the composition of your image is key to creating images with impact and I’m sharing the rules of photography to keep in mind. 

Planning your shoot and understanding your brand and how that translates to the final images is what will set your photos apart from your peers. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and we will take a look at the location of your home brand shoot, the props to use to set the scene, and the biggie – what to wear on your home brand shoot. 

Being in front of the camera can be daunting and this module will take you through some simple steps to feel amazing in the lead up to your shoot through the preparation but also how to stand in front of the camera and how to get flattering sitting photos too.



The Scene



Editing the images you have taken is the final piece of creating your home brand photography shoot, it’s a step not to be missed and I am sharing the functions you need to consider when editing your images for a consistent look and feel. 



Your brand photos should go on every touch point you have with your audience and clients and I’m sharing my list of places you should be using your brand photos for maximum impact. 

Where to use your photos

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You'll also receive the following bonus

Shoot planning guide with the “get to know your brand” questions that I work through with my clients

The Ultimate Guide to the Images You Need in Your Business pdf

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Having worked with hundreds of incredible business owner since 2014 I understand what is needed in a brand image and how those can speak to your ideal clients and entice them to work with and buy from you.

Through this training, I’ll guide you through how to create your own images, drawing on the knowledge and experience I have built in my successful photography business, both in the wedding industry and the entrepreneurial world.

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Don't just take my word for it!

- Charlotte -

'Amanda's masterclass on taking your own brand shots was excellent. It covered all aspects of taking your own photos from home, including tips on tools and accessories to help you do this. It was fun, I learned loads and am excited to give it a go!' 





Are you ready to...?

Have consistency in the photos you take and your professional brand photos on social media 

Be able to show behind the scenes images without cringing about bad photographs 

Stop worrying about where the next image is going to come from 

Be able to show up with professional looking images across your marketing platforms to your audience 

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All the course materials will be available as soon as you purchase the course.  You'll have lifetime access to your purchase so you can come back to it whenever you need it. 

As you have access to all course materials upon signing up, no refunds are offered.

The beauty of this course is that it’s based on you using the camera you already have, be that your phone camera or your favourite camera. I also explain why it’s useful to also purchase a tripod and remote shutter for your camera (some cameras and phones have a self-timer option). 

This course does assume that you have a basic knowledge on how to use your phone or camera, but I will be sharing my advice on how to use what you have already to the best you can. This course also teaches you the fundamental of brand photography from lighting through to styling and editing to create your at home brand shoot. 

Throughout this course I will teach you how to use the equipment you have as well as well as the steps I go through and advice I share with my clients on planning and preparing for their home brand shoot.