Want to learn to take better photos of your cake and sweet treat creations?

We all know the power of an image, the ability for our clients to see how beautiful your work is and know instantly they want you to work with them on their celebration, wedding or event.

Imagine being able to create images this compelling yourself?

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You don’t know how to style your cakes to create beautiful consistent images for your brand

You keep taking photos but they come out dark or the colours don’t look right

You don't know where to start with what equipment to use – you have a phone camera but don’t know how to get the best out of it, or you have a camera that rarely makes it out of the box

You are either a professional cake artist or hobbyist baker who wants to improve the photos you take of your delicious cake designs. You know you need amazing photos of your designs, and you have some time to spend learning how to photograph cakes, but you’ve hit a bit of a block

Does this sound like you?

You don’t get photos back from wedding photographers of your cake creations to share on your social media or you have to wait months for them

You aren't in the position to have a professional shoot done and need easy to follow cake photography tutorials so you can take photos whenever you need them





Imagine if you could...

Confidently use your camera or phone to take photos of your cakes in your studio or on location with the right cake photography setup

Have wedding cake photography ideas ready to style your latest creation or know how to take pictures of the desserts you create

Always have a bank of cake photographs to share on social media

Know you’re showing your best work to potential clients to help bring in bookings


DIY Cake Photography Course

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The cake photography tutorials you need in your business to create images that wow potential clients and turn them into booking clients.

The videos and guides in this cake photography course will take you from photo novice to knowing how to find the best light, how to style your images, the best angles to take the photos and how to edit them consistently so you have a cohesive look and feel to your brand. Whether that’s cake photography on your phone or your camera.





Here's what's included

We'll take a look at camera phones, compact, bridge, mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Tips on using each of them, as well as pros and cons and features to look out for when buying. I'll also share a kit list of the other pieces of equipment I use on a shoot. This is so you can learn how to use what you already have, as well as providing you with the basic knowledge to buy a new camera should you wish. I'll also share with you the equipment that I use, as well as some household cake photography hacks!

Good lighting is fundamental to good photography. We'll look at the principles of lighting as well as how to find the best light at home or in your studio and how to work with light on location.  

The use of backgrounds and props are crucial in creating professional looking images that have a consistent look and feel to your brand. I'll be sharing with you how I style as well as my go to cake photography backdrops and cake photography prop list. 

You'll often hear about the "rules" of photography, and I'm going to take you through these and when it's a good idea to break them, so you can create impactful images of your work.






I'm going to take you behind the scenes of how I photograph a tiered cake, cupcakes, biscuits and cakepops. You’ll see my cake photography tricks in action, which can be applied to photographing any sweet treat or dessert. 

Taking the shot


How to edit cake photos is a crucial part of photography; it's taking a raw ingredient (the image) and turning it in to the professional looking photo you see in portfolios. I will be demonstrating how to edit with standard phone editing software, a free computer editing software called Darktable as well as the paid for software professional photographers use called Lightroom. 


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You'll also receive these bonuses


Access to a private Facebook group for students to share images and chat to other students. Amanda is available in the Facebook group to answer questions about the course.


PDF downloads with cake photo ideas inspiration for styling and composing the images of your cakes, desserts, mini cakes, cookies and ingredients as well as my go to kit list and places I buy my cake photography props and cake photography backdrops from


Behind the scenes videos of me photographing a tiered cake, cupcakes, biscuits and cakepops so you can see how I put these cake photography tricks and tips into practice

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Having worked with cake and food businesses like yourself along with hundreds of other incredible business owner since 2014 I understand what is needed in a brand image and how those can speak to your ideal clients and entice them to work with and buy from you.

Through this training, I’ll guide you through how to create your own images, drawing on the knowledge and experience I have built in my successful photography business, both in the wedding industry and the entrepreneurial world.

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Don't just take my word for it!

Hannah from Paradise Cakes

Jan from Cake Celebrations





Are you ready to...?

Consistently have gorgeous cake photography in your portfolio and social media

Never have to wait around for photographs from a wedding or celebration event

Stop worrying about where the next image is going to come from

Be able to showcase your cake and dessert designs professionally to your clients

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All the course materials (videos and pdf downloads) will be available as soon as you purchase the course. You'll have lifetime access to your purchase so you can come back to it whenever you need it

As you have access to all course materials upon signing up, no refunds are offered.

This course will take you through this step by step, from the equipment you need and how to find the right lighting, through to styling and composing the photo ready to press the shutter, and finally, editing the images so you have a consistent look and feel not only for your Instagram but all your social media and portfolio.

I’m sharing exactly how I photograph cakes in a professional capacity as part of my business. By breaking down each of the steps, you will learn how to create consistent professional looking cake photos for your business, as well as watching me in action putting all my cake photography hacks and tricks into practice.

The lessons in this course take you right back to basics, starting with what equipment you need to photograph baked goods and desserts right the way through to editing your cake photos. And of course, everything in between from finding the right light and styling your cake or baked goods ready to take the shot!